Vintage Racing

Vintage Racing 2003-2007

Racing memories, experiences and stories from the early 'aughts.

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The 2008 Racing Season

Tremblant - it is a fast course with some tricky corners, a few good straights, and the most beautiful views I have ever seen.

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2009 Race and Show Season

...A wonderful event, a great track, but like with outdoor weddings, you take your chance when it comes to the weather.

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Legends 2010

Thirty five years of vintage racing and here, in 2010, the BEST single vintage or historic race I can ever remember. Here is the story.

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Watkins Glen 2010

...thats how it goes in end of the season historic and vintage racing. Some of the best don't show up or break, some of the better go home early, some of the medioce are left running...and win.

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Summit Point 2011

Quite remarkable for the U.S.A...a 'three Mallock' event.

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Tremblant 2011 Qualifying Race

...all of these cars on slicks. Me on treaded intermediates. 'Twas a hell of a competition.

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Tremblant 2011 Feature Race

A two-part video of the feature race at Tremblant.

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Tremblant 2011 Historic Race

...our favorite Canadian vacation spot and a rip roaring race against fire breathing competitors...

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2012 Racing Season

Hard to believe but we are in the thick of our 35th season of racing.

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Josh at VRG Racing School 2014
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