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Year: 1950



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Stock # NE-1950-6

A very early, rare in the USA RHD MG TD that certainly appears to have undergone a comprehensive rebuild and restoration.

Last owner couldn't tell us much so we had to do our own assessment. Having sold well over 100 MG TDs (not to mention an enormous number of TCs, TFs, TF 1500s and even a few P Type and MG TA pre war MGs,) these are very familiar to me. And not finding ANY genuine 'weak points,' I can go over the strong points.

First, a very early car, as I (vaguely) recall, chassis numbers start at 251 and this one is 09XX. So, a true 1950 car and the earliest TD we have ever seen. Engine seems excellent,,,,,150 psi compression in every cylinder, 60 psi oil pressure when warm, even at idle. And no smoke cold or hot. Runs very well, quiet valves, pulls smoothly from low rpm.

Transmission,,,,,fantastic...quiet in first and reverse gear, very good synchromesh, feels like a freshly rebuilt unit. And no clutch chatter or slippage.

Body is excellent, same with chassis, new wood floors, wherever I poked underneath, was very close to 'as new.' Very clean front suspension and back axle,, spotless engine bay. Painted very nicely in Old English white (NOT 'refrigerator white'). Chrome grille and shell are excellent, same with original head and wing lights. And excellent bumpers and trim.

Dash, original gauges, switches, seats, carpets, interior panels, even carpeting on the rear deck are all very good. With very good detail work. Top and side curtains are not new but in very good condition...
and all there. Same with a tonneau.

Wiring.......obviously a new premium cloth covered wiring harness was installed...nothing guarantees reliability more than new wiring. And, yes, everything works. Even the optional turn signals with the correct original switch.

Of course, usual MG TD virtues..folding windshield, adjustable steering column, tool box in the engine bay, incredibly precise steering, soft yet controlled ride, effortless shifting, can't say it is fast but the willing engine pulls great and offers a high (for the era) 6,000 rpm red line. And, in their time, it wasn't unusual to go right from the dealer's showroom to the race track. Hence the folding windshield....for racing.

Note the engine has been running with race style velocity stacks but the car comes with the complete, rather elaborate air cleaner assembly.

What would I do with this car? And, remember, this is all opinion as the car doesn't 'need' anything. It is essentially a choice of aesthetics. We could dye the interior in deep red which would contrast nicely with the OEW paint, we can even dye he dash to match. We can install Brooklands racing screens on the cowl behind the windshield and, on a warm day with the windshield folded down....absolute heaven (been doing that on MG TCs, Morgans, and others for fifty years).

Frankly, an inexpensive digital stereo in the glove box or under the dash would be pleasant, lots of other small options are useful. AND if you are local and purchase this car, would be happy to offer a tutorial on 'use and care' for this sweet little 74 year old MG. We offer financing, delivery anywhere, and even deal with a title service with runners in all fifty states.

Right hand drive? Quite rare in the USA and, in my mind, adds to the fun. No worry, think about mailmen who drive RHD trunks in mid town traffic at rush hour with very little visibility, Whereas the completely open TD offers unlimited visibility. And as TDs were the first MG sports cars to ever offer LHD, it adds to the excitement (and, IF you had us convert to wire wheels, something we have done many times), a TD looks a lot like a TC but is ten times easier to drive (and far more comfortable).

It is a rare car, in our showroom and ready for sale.

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