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Year: 1952



Stock # NE-1952-18


TDs come and TDs go, must have sold 200 or more over the years. Some good, some not so bad (as an MG enthusiast, I would hate to refer to ANY MG as 'bad')........this one, above average.

Excellent body, wood framing, floors, and chassis. No sign or rust, filler, patching, decay, or rot. And recently resprayed in beautiful deep BRG. With tan interior.

Runs well, we did a compression test and found it to be 165-180 psi in every cylinder which is somewhere between fabulous, perfect, and the best there is. Either way, excellent compression. And doesn't smoke cold or hot. Gearbox feels quite good, differential is silent, seems to have a very very good drive train. Oh, and if it matters, 'matching numbers' and possessing the original air cleaner assembly, often missing, and worth $500 or $600 on eBay.

Brakes work well, steering and general driving/handling are dandy, all original gauges work, HAS A NEW WIRING HARNESS (cloth covered) and, to be candid, nothing offers a chance of long term reliability more than a new wiring harness. Not cheap to buy and very labor intensive to install. But there it is.

Interior is very good, dash is great (and matches the interior), has what appears to be a fairly new top (back window is excellent), same with the tonneau, chrome is very good throughout (unfortunately, the center bonnet strip/hinge is a bit worn and could use replacement, at the moment, all of our sources are waiting for a back order to be filled), nice and clean underneath, has new seat belts, shows a bit over 82,000 miles on the odometer, what appears to be a reproduction of an original style steering wheel, tires are fine, and we installed a new starter motor (which lists for $99 in the Moss Motors catalog).

Hard to imagine a better all around classic English sports car than a good MG TD. On a beautiful seasonal day with the top down, windshield folded flat (on my own TD, have fitted twin Brooklands racing screens....always makes me feel I am driving a Bugatti), and one's arm over the cut down door, and with with the lively and responsive engine, precise steering, and soft ride, an absolutely delightful car. And with the windshield folded down, EVEN better.

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