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Year: 1956

MG A roadster


Financing available⤵

Stock # NE-1956-7

One of those rare cars that are rarely seen....24,000 actual miles (as verified by the title) and runs, looks, and drives the part.

Remarkably well preserved original old English White paint, even under and behind the dash, not sure if its all of the original chrome but I can see....it all looks great. Dash and gauges look original AND ALL of the gauges work properly, same with heater, all lights, turn signals, etc. Even the dash courtesy light works.

Engine starts instantly, runs perfectly, SU carbs are spotless and appear to have been rebuilt, new correct air cleaners, zero smoke cold or hot, at operating temperature maintains 80 psi oil pressure (which is 'like new'), transmission was replaced with a modern BW 5 speed unit,, front end is tight, and we checked: new master cylinder, all new wheel cylinders and brake shoes.

Exhaust is quiet, windshield is not sand blasted, interior is very good.....original? Dunno. But seats, carpets, interior panels are all very good, tonneau might be fairly new and the top frame (in its original color) comes with the car, the original top was shrunken and disposed of....we will be installing a brand new top.

Radiator is new,, engine bay and trunk are both very clean, no apparent oil leaks, and best of all, the car was fitted with a new cloth covered wiring harness. Because nothing worse on an old car than ratty old wiring. But not this car.

New tires on wheels that appear to be new, has seat belts, has been (wisely) converted to negative ground and has a working stereo/Cassette. Even the speakers have been nicely mounted in the door panels.

As it sits, I really don't think it needs anything. Literally ready to go. BUT, with fifty years experience with these cars, I know ways to make this car far better and at modest cost. By adding a magnetic induction ignition (will never need a traditional tune up), a back up electric fuel pump ('just in case' the original fails), shrouded electric cooling fan to prevent running hot in Summer weather, a 12v/USB output under the dash, a jumper terminal in the engine bay to make jump starting a snap, an on board trickle charger, AND if wanted, a modern digital stereo with bluetooth, a luggage rack, other minor odds and ends. Not expensive and these items bring the car into the 21st century.

Even with original paint, always the chance of a little parking lot dent that was repaired and paint blended. But my magnet found no bondo and it certainly seems as if this car's body is close to perfect. And with wood floors that aren't rotten, the overall appearance is quite incredible for a 67 year old sports car.' (and yes, there is some brown surface rust on the chassis....of no consequence and if a buyer wants, we can sand it off and spray the chassis in flat paint paint)

A rare opportunity to, in a sense, go back in time and own a fantastic ORIGINAL MGA which is possibly the best compromise in a classic British sports car.

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