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Year: 1959

Volvo PV544 Sports


Stock # NE-1959-45


Having owned these wonderful cars for over thirty years, this example is by far the best we have ever had, seen, or heard of. Genuinely special.

Really sensational body and chassis, zero rust, one spot in the floor pan with a professional welding repair but in every other area, can't find any sign of repair, rust, damage, or plastic filler. And even at the weakest spot, the bottom of the spare wheel well (where water often collects).....zero rust.

Even better, our painters tell us the car is painted in lacquer.......a product that has been banned for many many years. But, upon wet sanding and buffing, the shine came up and is in show condition. And while car people always say 'black shows every flaw,' in this car's case....the black lacquer looks great.

But it gets better........rebuilt B20 engine, 2 liters, 118hp, from a P1800 Volvo sports car. Was running on its original SU carbs but we just installed a new Weber 32/36DGV progressive carb and aluminum manifold......huge different in idle, acceleration, and overall performance. New clutch (balanced with flywheel) and a freshly rebuilt M41 four speed with overdrive transmission also from a P1800 (and with a guarantee with the trans builder). A beefy, unbreakable transmission with the highest ratio overdrive available....32%. Which transforms the very low 4.56 final drive (as in 'VERY buzzy' on the highway) into a relaxed 3.10 overall gearing. Makes for quiet, sedate cruising.

(PVs NEVER had overdrive but this car now has it. HUGE difference between this car and 99% of the other PVs in the world)

Remember, these cars came from the factory with 75hp and were, in their day, considered performance cars, the equal to any competitive sports car. On or off the track. All of which makes this car so special.

Suspension is coil springs all around and in the rear, trailing arms and a Panhard rod (with new bushings). Far in advance of period MGs, Healeys, Triumphs, etc. And while this car looks rather large, curb weight is only 2140 ponds. VERY light.

And the rest? Converted from 6v to 12v, modern fuses in new fuse holders, new alternator, powerful shrouded radiator electric cooling fan, seats done in expensive deep red German leather, new headliner, new red Volvo insignia carpets, new interior panels with door pockets added, new dash top, just beautiful. AND......all new chrome, bumpers, overriders, bars, complete. Inside and out, a LOT of work done.

Moving along....new radial tires, original wheel trim rings, modern stereo/CD, speakers in the front side panels, new improved factory water temperature gauge, new fuel gauge sender, a nicely fitted tach on the dash covering, an oil pressure gauge under the dash, working factory heater and a powerful auxiliary heater nicely located under the dash, a digital volt meter, extra 12v outlets, USB outputs, LED interior light with new door switch, new 3 point belts, H4 halogen headlights wired into the electrical system with relays, one new tie rod, rebuilt idler arm, new rear wheel bearings and seals, four new shocks, all new brakes (master cylinder, wheel cylinders, and shoes), new washer bottle and pump, new grille surround, literally a fortune spent to create a fantastic PV544 that can be used as an alternative to a contemporary car. Around town, on winding roads (and a new thicker front sway bar is on order, soon to arrive), and motoring down the highway, an exceptional PV.

And if the question is 'why?," the answer is that much of this work was done in our workshop for the owner (who is writing this extended description) with little care for ultimate cost. But, now finished, a change of automotive direction directs the sale of this fantastic car.

With some lucky future owner getting a wonderful collector's car with a fine reputation of performance, reliability, ease of maintenance, and fun ownership. Seats four comfortably, large trunk, excellent ride, steering, and handling. Just placed on the market and ready to drive home.

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