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Year: 1960

MG A 1600 Mk I


Financing available⤵

Stock # NE-1960-56


A very appealing example. Excellent panel and door fit, show quality red paint (with a body completely disassembled for paintwork), all new interior (black with white piping), all new chrome, new top and tonneau, good (but not new) side curtains.

Runs and drives very well, 140 psi compression in every cylinder, 65 psi oil pressure, zero smoke, gearbox is quiet and with good synchromesh, all gauges and electrics work, front end is tight, and brakes work well. 70,000 original miles. This is pure speculation but, when viewed from underneath, one sees engine enamel virtually impossible to apply with the engine in the car. Hence, a good chance it was recently out and rebuilt (as the compression and oil pressure would seem to indicate). And, with further investigation, found new handbrake cables, new rear wheel cylinders, new fuel pump, new brake flex lines, new fuel lines, what appears to be a new fuel tank, perfect rust free trunk floor, new seat belts, excellent chassis rails and wood floors, spotless front suspension with new rack boots and lots of other signs of a car that has had a lot of work.

I agree, this all sounds like the findings of an `automotive forensic scientist` but without a two hour interview with a past owner (under oath) and perfect documentation, alas, it is all speculation based on having dealt with thousands of similar cars over the past fifty years.

Heater is missing but easily found and installed (MGA and very common MGB heaters are almost identical other than the side of the blower and the front ducting which is a snap to reverse), and the battery has been positioned on the firewall (far easier to jump start). AND if a buyer really needs/wants a heater, we have powerful modern auxiliary heaters in stock and easily installed (and far better than original heaters).

With its new chrome, weather equipment, excellent chassis, show quality fit and finish, its one very impressive MGA. And MGAs are just about the best all around compromise in a classic British sports car. With near 100 mph performance, easy cruising at 70-80 mph, wonderful steering, ride, braking (with front disc brakes), handling, and with one of the most beautiful bodies of ANY classic sports car.

And we can add options to provide a higher degree of reliability than when brand new. Using 21st century technology..........electronic ignition (precluding any traditional tune ups), a back up fuel pump, a powerful shrouded electric radiator fan, all things that assist in creating a very reliable classic car.

Just in and ready for a fun Spring, Summer, and Fall.

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