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Year: 1962

Morris Minor Traveler 1000


Stock # NE-1962-54


My own car, was the best one I had ever seen (hence my purchase), still the best one I have ever seen.

Excellent body and paint (guessing it was painted before my purchase), excellent floor, sills, jacking points, and spring mounts. NOT undercoated (a cheap way of hiding rust), NO patches, really incredible.

AND ALL NEW EXTERIOR WOOD, must have cost $6 or 7 or 8,000. Remember, it is NOT trim, rather, an integral part of the structure. With aluminum side and roof panels. Excellent chrome and trim, excellent interior (seats, panels....done in beautiful basket weave...carpets, headliner, dash panel, even the glove boxes are new. Has new inertia reel seat belts, a new digital stereo with bluetooth, quality speakers, working heater, extra instruments, a 12v/USB output socket, and even the interior light works properly on the door jamb switches.

Engine: rebuilt 1275, balanced, rally camshaft, new twin SU carbs, tubular headers, rib case semi close ratio transmission, and....when acquired, the car has its original 4.55 diff which made it very 'buzzy' on the highway. We fitted a 3.9 differential which works like a 5th gear and offers comfortable highway cruising....on the way to work, today, had it up to 85 mph and this is incredible for a Morris Minor.

Car has disc brakes, a remote reservoir in the engine bay making it a snap to check brake fluid level (a nuisance to check on a normal Minor), Koni front tube shocks, a new alternator (far better than a usual generator), and I added every conceivable option I could imagine: electronic ignition, back up solid state fuel pump, battery switch, and an on board trickle charger.

Wiring seems to be a combination of very good original and new wiring harness. And everything electrical works.....lights, wipers, horn, turn signals, gauges, etc. Runs 65 pi oil pressure when cold and 55-60 pi when fully warmed, zero smoke cold or when warm. And when acquired, did a compression test and found 165-170 psi. All....perfect.

All of the rear deck matting is new, has its proper spare wheel and tire, original spare wheel hold down, new scissors jack and lug wrench. Headliner appears to be new, exhaust is quiet, tires are new 165/80R14 radials, and wheels have a lovely set of chrome full wheel covers with the Morris 'M' initial on the centers. And the last item added is a powerful auxiliary heater providing heat comparable to a contemporary car.

Has all of its proper external insignia and trim, nice plastic chrome edging around the roof rails, even rubber windshield seals look new along with the sliding side window tracks. And (finally?) we installed matching pockets at the lower edge of each door.

Needless to say, and in summation, its an incredible collector's car. Sixty years old. And what a wonderful car for show use....four people easily fit inside and still room for chairs and a cooler.

Stock horsepower of a 948cc BMC engine with a single carb is around 34hp, an 1100cc engine around 48hp. Which this engine, 1275, modified/improved, headers, twin SUs, maybe 70-75hp? Whatever it is, an enormous improvement with appropriate transmission, differential, and brakes.

(gee, you might think, IF it is so good, why sell it? With the obvious answer being the most obvious..."I found something else and room in my barn precludes retaining ownership of the Morris Minor')

I have a small fortune in the car and if you do over all of the details, accessories, drive train, exterior and underneath, you can see where the money went. IF you want a fabulous classic car that you can drive anywhere and any distance, maybe this is the perfect car.

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