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Year: 1963

Morgan Plus 4 two seater


Stock # NE-1963-32

Interesting history.....sold in 1963 by the Morgan dealer in Hartford, sold to an older buyer who, after a year, discovered that a Morgan was not a particularly appealing Winter car. And after a year, traded in at Adama Motors in Canton Ct for.....a Jeep. And the second owner, also in Connecticut, owned it until purchased by us. 56 years of continued ownership, kept garaged until April 15th each year, back in the garage by early October. Year after year. And always professionally and properly serviced. VERY close to being a one owner car, and now with 60,000 original miles (as I was told, his wife was not fond of wind blowing her hair, hence, only around 1,000 miles a year).

Chassis is excellent. Wood floors and framing, also excellent, body panels......excellent. And just repainted by us (I wasn't fond of the silver/black paint scheme), no sign of repair, filler, cracking.......we removed all of the lights, chrome, trim, painted in colors I found far more appealing, Done in base coast/clear coat, three coats of color, three of clear, and then hand wet sanded and buffed.

Mechanically excellent: 150 psi compression in every cylinder, 65-70 psi oil pressure when warm, no smoke, gearbox has far better than average synchromesh, and with 100+hp and tons of torque in an 1850 pound car, lively performance.

Wiring is excellent, could very well be a recently replaced wiring harness, I did a preemptive attack on the cooling system by fitting a new aluminum radiator and a high output shrouded cooling, all gauges and all electrics work properly. Same with heater, wipers, etc. Front end kingpins and bushings are tight, everything seems to work as it should.

Excellent leather interior with just slight cracking (aka 'patina') to show it is leather, not vinyl. Excellent top, tonneau, and side curtains. Same with chrome, wood dash, and trim. I even had the door panels redone with door pockets.

All of this work done 'cause I decided this car was far too good to sell. Hence, it has been in my collection all year. But, alas, with three Morgans, I realized any more than two was above my threshold for use. Meaning that two seems like the perfect number. And now, this one is being offered for sale. Sort of last one in, first one out.

I have owned Morgans for 47 (happy) years and they are truly my favorite classic cars. Plenty of performance and the ability to cruise at 60-80+ mph, fabulous aesthetics, a great classic 'feel,' and easy to service and maintain. With a rugged almost unbreakable engine/transmission/back axle. And this car has not only disc brakes but upgraded (by us) with a new dual master cylinder unit for a FAR higher degree of safety.

BUT PLEASE..........if interested, don't visit our showroom unannounced as the car is still in my barn, still being enjoyed, and available to be seen only by appointment.

(a note: while my first Morgan was a red 1959 Plus 4, back in early 1974, and was sold on November 1st, 1974, our first day of business. Replaced with a 1964 Plus 4, a few weeks later, retained for three years and a further introduction into the world of Morgan driving. Much as with the case of the red 1959 Four seater we just acquired, THIS 1963 Morgan is FAR better than my 1964 when acquired 47 years ago. Which I find to be like looking back in time(

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