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Year: 1967



Stock # NE-1967-51


Just in, an unusually nice early MGBGT. With 76,000 original miles. And no observable rust underneath....just factory undercoating.

Unfortunately, much as 'we' age, so do these cars.......ALL of the desired steel dash MGBs and GTs are at least 53 years old. And, not being built to stand the test of time, most are rotten, patched, held together with sheet metal screws. Hence, we rarely see a good pre 1968 MGBGT.

But this is one of the good ones. Don't have any history, only know what I can see and in several enjoyable test drives. Floors, sills, all appearing to be rust free. And external is straight, no rust, and no sense of filler.....passed the magnet test.

Interior all appears to be excellent or new.....seats, door and interior panels, headliner, dash, even the speaker console appears to be new. Has wire wheels, a modern stereo/CD, chrome is very good throughtout, and......converted to negative ground, fitted with an alternator, and appears to have been fitted with a new wiring harness.

On the road, excellent oil pressure (60+psi when warm), no smoke cold or hot, pulls very nicely through the gears, transmission is quiet, good synchromesh, no issues in operation, overall a very nice car.

BUT,..........alas, there is one (possible) weak spot. For some umknown reason, painted in a very bright yellow. Sort of like a lemon. Of course, one has several choices....find another car, enjoy the rather striking color, OR have us (or someone else) repaint in a more pleasing color. My ideal with be a deep BRG and then (using our very effective dye process) dye the interior in tan or a nice hide color. Would be an outstanding car. And with an excellent body needing no body prep, and considering the relative rarity of really good pre 1968 MGBGTs, probably worth it.

And consider going one step further. Have owned half a dozen MGBGTs in my own collection over the past twenty years. Love them in cold weather but have little use for one in much of the Spring, Summer, and Fall. That is, until I discovered a source for a full roof fabric sunroof. Which, once I installed one in my current BGT, offered an entirely different situation. Great in Winter (with the powerful auxiliary heater we installed), wonderful as the seasons change (sunroof open, heaters on), and even pleasant in warm weather (sunroof and windows open). Making my BGT into a definite jewel.

In so many ways, a 1967 MGBGT is the ultimate MG. And if you are interesting in owning one, we can transform this car into a jewel for you.

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