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Year: 1973

MG B roadster


Stock # NE-1973-37


An interesting car with an interesting history. But absolutely the best single MGB we have ever had.

(all of these representations are based on info from the last owner's wife, info from fellow car club members, AND our own opinions, observations, and the result of examination and testing)

Last owner spent several years preparing and restoring this 1973 MGB..........excellent body, new floors, show quality BRG paint. Tan interior with leather seats and matching interior, new tan top, all acquired from Prestige in England. And all new exterior chrome, bumpers, grille, and overriders.

Engine:: professionally done to high standards, new 9.8:1 pistons, gas flowed big valve cylinder head, rebuilt twin SUs, headers, balanced, aluminum flywheel, ARP fasteners, vernier timing gears, we were told the engine rebuild alone cost $10,000.

Mated to a close ratio Datsun 280ZX five speed transmission.....installed one of these excellent units in my son's historic race MGB. Closer ratios than the factory c/r racing 'box, very heavy duty and capable of handling far more power than the B's engine (which we were told was probably putting out around 140hp). As I recall, with its .79 fifth gear, the overall gearing is around 3.08 making highway cruising very pleasant.

(why is so much of this quoted as 'we were told?' Owner was very ill when trying to finish the car, when he died, local MGB club members pooled their time and resources and finished the restoration so the widow could sell it and recoup some of her late husband's investment)

New Minilite type alloy wheels, new tires, (wheels are 15", tires are 195/60 H rated high speed), front suspension is rebuilt and all parts painted and detailed (actually, mostly new...and even the subframe has been nicely detailed and painted), in the engine bay, we can see a new radiator, new oil cooler with new Aeroquip lines, new wiring harness, detailed heater box, new master cylinders, new washer bottle and pump, new engine mounts and hardware, new alternator....most everything we can see appears to be new. Engine bay is truly in show condition.

Trunk is spotless (and nicely painted), carefully installed heat shielding under the carpets and against the firewall, has a new wood steering wheel, wood dash kit, modern stereo, fuses and an impressive set of relays are inside the passenger's side footwell (nicely covered and hidden, brilliantly done), expensive carpets trimmed in matching green, beautiful detail work throughout. The more you look at the work that has been done, the more impressive the entire 'package' appears.

Of course, beyond the excellent body and paint, spectacular interior, expensive top, high performance very expensive engine.....there is the 5 speed gearbox. A maybe $5-6,000 adaptation that changes the entire nature of these cars making them drive like a modern car yet with the classic 'feel' of a quality near fifty year sports car. It really is remarkable how it changes these cars (hence having a similar installation in my two MGBs). Even cruising at 100 mph or more is quite relaxed. In an MGB??????

It is unquestionably the best MGB we have, possible the best MGB we have ever had, and we invite a prospective buyer to call or visit and see this little gem. (I have found, in my two similarly done MGBs that I wind up using them as reasonable alternatives to a contemporary car......200 mile drives in all sorts of weather, daily commutes to work, and, of course, 'spirited' drives in the countryside).

And yes, WE COULD convert this car to wire wheels. We could even fit a/c and/or a powerful supplemental heater for really cold days. But as it is, one very very impressive classic sports car.

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