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Year: 1974

TVR 2500M


Stock # NE-1974-55


Quite the car. Prepared, modified, improved, and the result is an incredible high performance 'exotic' at a bargain price.

See, when these car were imported to the USA, to conform to existing (at the time) EPA emissions rules, the 106hp 2.5 Triumph TR6 engine/trans was installed. Offering fairly lively performance (0-60 in 9.3 seconds). BUT, not this car. Being that a 5.0 liter, near 300hp Ford Mustang V8 is installed. Coupled to a rebuilt Tremec 5 speed transmission. ALL of which is just the beginning...........

New 16" racing Panasports fitted with Z rated 215/50-16 radials. New heavy duty spindles and hubs, rod ends on the rear suspension, new Spax adjustable shocks, all new carefully selected springs, and new 6 piston Wilwood super high performance disc calipers with gigantic vented rotors.

Near $2,000 of custom made stainless steel headers and exhaust system, all new wiring, fusing, relays, just the electrical system is impressive. And a huge new aluminum radiator that resembles one might expect in a cab over truck. With a large thermostatically controlled shrouded cooling fan.

But there is more.....a Weathershield sliding sunroof with new fabric covering, stereo/CD unit with USB input, all working gauges (and even the wipers and washers work properly), new fuel tank/sender/gauge, Excellent original seats, dash top, and headliner, very nice (original as far as I can tell) deep blue paint.

So...on the road....I am sure the last owner felt it was very fast BUT he only had the throttle opening 2/3s of the way. NOW with full throttle, gosh, it feels like a carrier aircraft being launched. Smooth, VERY powerful, and so far, have not (yet) taken it much over 4,500 rpm. But as a very happy Lotus Elise owner (1970 pounds, 192hp, 0-60 in 4.2 seconds) and now the driver of a wicked TVR (2,250 pounds, 300hp and incredible torque), a few spurts on on-ramps to the highway have been awesome

Of course, one might worry about the diff taking all of this power and I have information on a supplier who offers a Nissan diff conversion. Should traffic light drag racing be in one's dreams. But, for now, g as a road car, starts instantly, runs flawlessly, runs cool, ride is firm but not overly stiff, sweet having the sunroof, even the stereo sounds good. And by my visual calculations, gets 40 mph per 1,000 rpm in top gear........cruises sweetly at a mere 2,000 rpm at 80 mph (okay, okay, following these calculations, this car has a theoretical top speed of around 240 mph....sufficient to launch it into a low orbit and be renamed 'TVR weather satellite'). Not a bad car. And certainly something interesting that can be serviced at the neighborhood gas station. Unlike Jags, Astons, Ferraris, and Lotus.....yet the TVR has comparable performance.

And, sure (if one is so inclined), throw in a roll bar, a fuel cell, some proper five or six point harnesses and off to the Vintage Races. What fun. (and after the race weekend, drive it to work)

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