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Year: 1976

Triumph TR6 V6


Stock # NE-1976-18

A bit fuzzy on the details but this is what we know (the last owner was even fuzzier as he had not done the conversion work):

Rebuilt 3.8 liter Ford Mustang V6 engine, coil pack ignition, factory rated at 193hp but a distinct possibly this engine has been modified for higher performance and is substantially more powerful (only a dyno can reveal the secret!). Fuel injected. And coupled to a T5 five speed transmission with a reasonable high 1st gear (that is, one that is usable).

Needless to say, couldn't wait for my first test drive........which occurred within 17 nano seconds of the car's delivery. What interested me most was the professionalism of the overall modifications. And what I found: no squeaks, rubbing, or odd vibrations, and while it does pull like a rocket, it all felt rather stock and 'right' which was exactly what I was hoping for. The elaborate custom made exhaust is not too loud, doesn't bang underneath the car, it all felt professionally done.

Same with the engine bay, wiring nicely arranged, beautiful alloy shroud for the radiator, all of the instruments are connected and work (water temp gauge barely moved....but eventually did, leading me to suspect a lack of a thermostat). Oil pressure at the top of the gauge, considering the contents of the engine bay, not offended to find an Autometer speedo and tach. Both working far better than the Smiths units they have replaced.

Floors are excellent, same with inner sills. Went over the body with a magnet and not a trace of filler (edges of body, lower doors, around the headlights....typical places for TR6 rust and repair), top is older but seems okay (it could even be original), nicely carpeted trunk, nothing on the exterior gives a hint of what is under the hood. As in 'no hood scoop.'

Working modern stereo/CD, interior is spotless as is the wood dash and dash top, chrome is very nice and the ugly rubber guards have been removed, has a luggage rack, only change underneath is some not terribly thick spacers to slightly raise the rear ride height, and....four exhaust pipes exiting out the back.

It had ridiculously wide 225 tires which we replaced with more appropriate 205/70 tires. Lots of nice little details (windshield appears to be new as does the rubber seal and compression strip), and the rest, kinda stock and in very good condition.

See, while the TR6s in Europe got the PI ('petrol injection' ) engine rated at 155hp and could give a Lotus Elan Sprint a run for its money (at least in a straight line) however with US emission controls and little Stromberg carbs andlow compression ratio, we got a mere 106hp. Hence, a potential customer now knows that the diff and rear suspension of a stock TR6 was made to handle a lot more power.

Its a neat car. looks great, as TR6s go, no rust or bondo, interior is nice AND with the 5 speed, highway cruising is that much better. But, when it comes down to the basics, what is really interesting is the professional installation of the V6 engine. AND remember, being only 3 cylinder long (as opposed to 6), this car is not nose heavy and has far better weight distribution than a stock TR6.

"Something different." And, in our opinion, very impressive.

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