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Year: 1978

MG B roadster


Financing available⤵

Stock # NE-1978-35

A nice example. Excellent body and maroon paint, has undergone one of our elaborate chrome bumper conversions, all new chrome bumpers, grille, sheet metal, lights, wiring, we eliminated the side lights and filled the holes (with metal welded in place), paint blended in, AND we lowered the car to pre 1975 ride height, new front springs and bushings. Other than the triple wipers, aesthetics are now pretty much the same as the most beautiful of all MGBs, 1963-1967.(note we removed the headrests BUT easily reinstalled)

But that was the point of our work....sure, the earliest MGBs look great but are a bit on the crude side. Single circuit brakes, small radiator, crude cooling and electrical system, positive ground, no safety equipment whatsoever, weaker non synchromesh transmission and weaker differential.

MANY changes by the last few years of MGBs.....power assist for the disc brakes, far better electrical system with an alternator, better gauges, front and rear sway bars, DOT required safety equipment, very strong transmission and back axle, much larger radiator with thermostatically controlled electric radiator fans, dash face level air vents, a long list. A superior car.

All in all, what we have created here is 'the best MGB never sold in the USA.

And there is more....new top and tonneau, center console and dash dyed to match the rest of the new interior, new tan carpets, new wood grain dash and expensive wood steering wheel, modern digital stereo with bluetooth and a factory luggage rack. And for both reliability and performance, a 32/36 Weber DGV carb, tubular racing headers, and electronic ignition.

We installed a new set of the MGB 'Special' alloy wheels.....nearly $500 per wheel on Moss. And with nearly new 185/70R15 H rated tires, looks quite nice. And, of course, we can convert to wire wheel hubs and add a set of 14" or 15' wire wheels. Its all a case of preference.

Just in, ready for the season, we can add most any option a buyer might wish: a modern a/c system, a powerful auxiliary heater, driving lights, trunk carpet set, a supercharger kit, aluminum crossflow head with twin SUs or Webers, 5 speed transmission or overdrive, a factory or after market hardtop, the list is endless.

And on the subject of 'why an MGB?" Classic, stylish, great ride and handling, precise steering, lively performance, the ability to morph into most anything an owner wishes. Parts are generally inexpensive, widely available, and with a factory manual, fairly simple to repair and maintain.

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