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1949 Morgan 4/4 Flat Rad (SOLD)

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A tidy little classic sports car.....VERY rare....excellent running and driving. Okay, not 100% original but does it matter? Original Standard Special engine replaced with a 'period' Morris engine and 4 speed trans. Same as Moggie Minor or early Sprite giving this car a bit more performance, incredibly easy service and parts access and if one wanted, EASY to drop in a 1275cc Sprite engine and zoom.....

Fairly new interior, tonneau, top frame but no top, original dash and instruments, twin spares, folding windshield. For the same price as a decent MG TC, better driving, equally as classic, far rarer, and just as much to own and drive.

For its last owner, we devised a 'trick' shift linkage that moved the gear shifter WAY back and in a far more comfortable position. Works well, and the car is a wonderful little classic roadster.

A rare chance to acquire a beautiful classic Morgan.

Inventory Number: NE-1949-3

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