1952 Morgan Plus 4 Flat Rad (SOLD)

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In my mind, the best all around Morgan ever made.

Why? This is one of only 348 Plus 4 Flat Rad two seaters built...the charm, the style, and looks of the pre and immediate post war Moggies....16" wheels, 'period' Flat Radiator, folding windshield, and twin spares. BUT, unlike the other Flat Rads (tiny engines, cable brakes) this car has most of the improvements and refinements of the 'waterfall' grille Morgans from 1954 to the...well, present.

The engine has been rebuilt and highly modified with high compression pistons, gas flowed head, high lift road cam, balanced, blueprinted, and fitted with twin SUs and tubular headers. Giving around 115hp...a decided improvement over the 68hp stock engine or the 36hp late 40s Flat Rads. With that power, this car GOES!!!!! Quick, smooth, and incredibly flexible.

81,000 original miles, excellent Moss gearbox and Salisbury back axle, excellent body with older but still nice paint, good older interior, full weather equipment, powerful heater, tonneau, folding windshield, wood dash with optional mechanical tachometer, six new tires, very good chrome and trim throughout, such minor improvements (for reliability) as electronic ignition and a back up solid state fuel pump.

Runs and drives wonderfully. Steering is surprisingly good as is ride and handling. Needs nothing for low key show use, touring, or just every day driving.

Compare this car with other smaller late 1940s or early 1950s English sports cars.....54hp MG TCs, 57hp TDs, even 63hp MG TF 1500s. Or HRG. Or...what else? A fabulous opportunity to purchase a real piece of Morgan history yet not have to deal with ancient cable brakes or a somewhat gutless tiny engine.

Photos taken at the prestigious Greenwich Concours in the Spring of 2010.

Inventory Number: NE-1952-2

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